Apr 08

Tips to prepare financially for motherhood

Perhaps when you heard the magic words ” I’m pregnant ” from the mouth of your wife immediately thought in other words not so magical. Do not panic and do not listen to the sellers of misfortune : these are the truths and fallacies of parenthood.

Today, witness the birth parents more than ever before in the UK , about 98 % , according to statistics from the National Health Service . ‘ It can also help the mother to relax more if your partner was with her in the prenatal group and know what to expect , “explains Jane Munro , midwife over 20 years and advises Audit Development and Quality at the Royal College of Midwives . Beyond all important bonuses , support , encouragement and hand tighten paper , research indicates that , by having the presence of the husband at the time of delivery , the mothers said they had had a better experience than without it.

We hear a lot of exchange of ‘ hormones ‘ during pregnancy and in the early stages of parenthood. According to popular belief , moms are going through a flood of neurotransmitters designed to prepare the body for childbirth but not only mothers experience a flood of changes in chemistry. ‘ The men experience hormonal changes as they prepare for parenthood ‘. The levels of the stress hormone called cortisol , tend to rise approximately between the fourth and the sixth week after men learn they are going to be parents. ‘ This rise may put the brain on alert and expectant father , in a sense, wake to reality imminent arrival of a new baby to be put in place to get things done ‘ . ‘

There’s a clue in that statement , the word ‘work’ . The general consensus is that moms are always better parents but in a world in which the structure and family dynamics have changed so much , that view is increasingly outdated . ‘ In many ways , having a baby is to have a completely new job , one that will not necessarily going to be naturally or mom or dad ,’ says Sue Atkins , parenting mentor . For starters, both sexes are equally capable and equally clumsy . But it is more likely that moms take the fast track because at first paternity before spending hours alone or with a support network at hand.

The love of a father is so important to the emotional development of a child as the mother . But do not stay with the father’s word , listen to the experts. In a review of 36 studies from around the world conducted by the University of Connecticut , USA and published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Review, researchers found that parental love is essential for development and that children who do not participate are more anxious and insecure in childhood as well as more hostile and aggressive in adulthood.

The game became dads often practice with their children is, according to research, a vital part of child development . A 2012 study of the research program Fathers and Families at the University of Newcastle in Australia, highlighted how the most violent game exchanging parents with their toddlers helps shape children’s brains and to build self-esteem and concentration. “It’s a critical developmental stage for children in the preschool age, between the two and a half to five years,” said Richard Fletcher, head of research.

Buying life insurance

As a parent , you have the obligation to protect your child in any circumstance of life. If your employer does not offer family life insurance , buy it yourself. There are many companies in the market that sell at affordable monthly fees , and even see in your bank .

Find out if your rightful government financial assistance

According to the annual amount of money you earn , you get bonuses to buy staple foods for your baby. Check if you apply for the WIC Program .

Reduce your debts or credit cards

If you cancel the debts of those cards that you used to buy things for the baby , such as clothing or furniture. If not , avoid fall behind on the payment date to avoid late fees and pay more than the minimum each month. You can also transfer the balance of the heaviest to those with low interest. All this not only help you financially for motherhood but it will improve your credit history.

Plan your child’s education

You can start paying the university or college of your son from birth . Plans from less than $ 50 per month that accumulate in an account during their school years , and when you finish high school, your child already has money for college . An example is the Florida Prepaid College.