Apr 08

Age of Moving to lower bills

We face a difficult situation, which has led some companies to reduce their expenses. But instead, other businesses billed more than before. This would include the storage rental.

Your customers may be individuals who are in the need to reduce their expenses, leaving generously sized properties, representing a community fees and taxes high, with more prices. Taking the storage rooms that can not be at home, but now is not used, but you want to keep. Also in the course of reforms have been made / work at home … or when you are looking for new home, rent a home temporarily very small bridge where the furniture will not fit before.

Flocking also affected by mortgage foreclosures after the housing bubble.

Appearing new situations: the children who were already emancipated in independent housing, have to go to live with their parents again, or decide to go to work abroad for not being here unemployed, leaving their belongings in storage, waiting to that this situation is temporary labor.

Another regular of storage rental companies are reducing costs, leaving ships and stores, looking for smaller spaces. The companies did not think too much to be able to save between 20% and 40% hire corporate expenses. With decisions like reducing m2 office, or find new locations in the periphery, where land value is lower.

In Barcelona, ??we offer interesting offices in the area of ??22 @ as well as in the Plaza Europa in L’Hospitalet, where office buildings as well as new construction, there is the Fira de Barcelona, ??Gran Via, being created around center commercial design hotels.

Residential buildings, gardens, a location near the airport, with good communications, where rents are more affordable than in the city center.

In other cases, moving can also be a result of lower rental prices of offices. Since there is much choice available, you can get good opportunities. Not only is it alleged that the staff of the company has been significantly reduced and smaller areas are searched. It also seeks a restructuring of the company itself for the benefit of better management that can lead to reduced space.

Other cases would be companies that have reduced these storage to store your files because they can not shoot.

The self-employed are customers forced by the situation. They can keep the local street for the costs involved, but try to continue to maintain the business and thus the stock of material they occupy space, have it in the rented storage from where it supplied to customers.

The urban storage, which can be of different sizes, are a quick and fairly inexpensive solution to the problem that arises in moving what to do with the furniture, and other objects that no longer fit us, but do not want to get rid of them? because the storage rooms. The sector is growing by 15% every year, which leads them to expand their business by buying entire buildings at a good price to transform them into rental storage business …. example that grows in times of crisis.